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Shared HostingTera-Byte offers various Shared hosting plans to suit almost any need.Plan EB Plan 1U Plan 4R Plan 4U
Dedicated ColocationLocate your server on our network with a dedicated Internet connection at a speed of your choice. The price varies according to your bandwidth requirements.Order! Order! Order! Order!
User AccessTera-Dial is our dial-up service, allowing you to access your Internet account through Tera-Byte’s dial-up pool in Edmonton, Canada. The dial-up accounts run on separate lines to our web hosting services ensuring maximum speed in both departments. Order!
Dedicated ServerTera-Byte Online Services offers dedicated servers at some of the most competitive prices around. For as low as $102.25 per month, you can rent a server on our powerful dual multihomed OC3 backbone. All servers include 24/7 monitoring, a dedicated switch port, a redundant power source to ensure maximum uptime, and all servers are hosted in a temperature controlled secure server room with 24 hour armed response security. Backups are optionally available.Order!
RedirectionsTera-Byte Online Services offers you the chance to redirect your domain to any web page. Includes free virtual email redirections as well as subdomain redirection.Order!
4WebSpace RaQ serversRent a complete Cobalt RaQ 4 server for only $99/month, or a Cobalt RaQ 550 for only $199/month!Order!
Spaceports Ad RemovalFor a small yearly price we can remove all banner ads from your Spaceports account.Order!
Virtual ServersThe virtual server is the perfect solution for the person who is looking for more than a hosting account can offer but can't afford to pay for a dedicated server.Order!
Tera-byte WirelessWireless Internet access. Please enquire for more details.Order!
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol. You can make telephone calls over the Internet. You need broadband Internet access such as DSL or a cable modem.Order!

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